Quality Outdoor Products


Our shipping policy is quite simple.

We charge a reasonable amount for shipping. 

We do not charge a fee for packing, handling, administrative or
input other hidden costs.
First class envelopes, padded envelopes and boxes cost money
and this price is incorporated into the shipping cost.

We usually ship through the post office, as we find this is the best
price when considering cost, shipping time, insurance, tracking, etc.   

We try to ship within one (1) business day.   

Please bear in mind, shipping is from Canada and shipping time is
usually 6 - 8 business days.     A business day excludes the day of
shipping, all holidays, weekends and the day of delivery.    
In-transit shipping times are beyond our control so please be
understanding and order accordingly.   

You can call us in Regina, Saskatchewan at (306) 537-5415 or
e-mail jrsports@sasktel.net 

J R Sports