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To check the accuracy of your GPS, you can go to 2612 Pasqua Street in Regina, Saskatchewan. 
This is approximately 1/2 block north of Regina Avenue. 

In front of 2612 Pasqua Street (west side of the street) there is a grassy area between the curb and the city sidewalk. 
Half-way between the curb and the sidewalk, and approx. 6 feet north of the north edge of the driveway into the
property at 2612 Pasqua Street is a slightly raised concrete pad about a foot in diameter with a survey pin embedded in it.

If your GPS is set up for NAD27 - UTM coordinates your reading should be:
                N 5587076.776    E 525532.488

If your GPS is set up for NAD27 - DEGREES, MINUTES, SECONDS your reading should be:
               N50 26 14
(Exact N50 26 13.64161)    W104 38 26 (Exact W104 38 25.71283)
               One second of error equals approx. 102 feet in distance. 

Elevation at this point is 574.456 meters (1884.79 feet) above sea level.